Transformational Mindful Living Retreat with Vivian Karavanou.

5 day Transformational Mindful Living Experience @Armonia Retreat & Workshop Center
Level 1 & 2 w/ Vivian Karavanou
Rest -Reset & Restart this year within your highest potential!
You see this retreat isn’t just about Mindfulness, it’s about living a Meaningful Life.
“Mindfulness is being in touch with your own deepest human nature and letting if ‘flow’ out of you unimpeded.” Jon Kabat-Zinn
Imagine if you had the tools
• To tune in with Nature
• to align with your authentic self,
• untangle from unhelpful thoughts and emotions
• connect with a deep sense of purpose, meaning and passion for life.
• Recharge your whole system!
• Reset your LIFE!
At the Art of Natural Mindful Living Retreat you’ll be learning these tools.
Tools that have been handed down from ancient wisdom traditions that are now proven by modern neuroscience.
At the Art of Mindful Living Retreat you will learn truly powerful skills that will last a lifetime.
You’ll leave feeling rested, grounded, empowered, inspired and rejuvenated. Ready for fully engaging and committing in the presence of your Wonderful Life!
That’s really what the art of mindful living really is! It is living a life that is not determined by the fears, conditioning and beliefs that can hold you back, but instead living consciously. Living a life that fulfils you.
Live in a way that continues to nourish and fulfil you over the course of time.
This 5 Day Transformational Mindful Living Retreat will cover 12 units
1. Deep Mindfulness & Neuroscience Practice
2. Gratitude ,Love & Kindness Practice
3. Yoga (Hatha-Tantra)
4. Breathwork
5. Eco- tuning -Ecopsychology & Ecotherapy
6. The Art & Science Of Mindful Living
7. Life coaching -Wheel of Life
8. Journaling – Mynd Map
9. Visualization
10. Manifestation Work – Mindset Reprogramming
11. Activation
12. Celebration Of Life Bliss & Happiness Dance Meditation
In total you will Get 32 hours of Powerful Practices
• 8 – 2h workshops ( 16 hours)
• 4 – 1h Powerful Mindfulness Practices & Breathwork Sessions (4hours )
• 4 -1h Yoga Classes (4 hours)
• 4 2h – Guided Night Sessions (8 hours)- Dance Meditation, Celebration of Life techniques, Silent time to digest procedures)
• Super Bonding with Community! Good Friends ! Good time ! Good Life!Priceless! for Life!
Meet the Facilitator
Vivian Karavanou
Counselling Psychologist, Integrative Psychotherapist, Yoga and Meditation Instuctor.
Her private practice nowadays, integrates, Psychotherapy, mindfulness, Hypnotherapy, intuitional therapy, shamanic healing, hypnotherapy, CBT, Systemic, Self Compassion, Acceptance & Commitment Therapy ACT, Gestalt, Rebirthing , Breath work, Flowidity, Traditional Tanta and Hatha Yoga, Kriyas, Nutrition, Vedic Counselling and Meditation.
Her purpose is to integrate body and integrative psychotherapy with Hatha – Tantra- Therapeutic Yoga, Meditation and Mindful Living in Nature!
So in 2016, she founded Phi Space a Harmonious modular Space, a life design space that gives the opportunities to people, to focus on their wellness & wellbeing, so they can bring balance and Celebrate their Lives. She has Gathered together more than 40 skillful and inspiring colleagues that are tuning into a communal Vision of a bonded, happier and more relaxed community.
Since 2017, she is Facilitating Retreat Programs at Phi Space , and has joined in many wellness retreats her self. In 2018 she Created Phi Space Retreat and Wellness Center in Chania, Crete. In 2019 she expanded to the southest part of Europe in the island of Gavdos, and is NOW Grounding Gavdos Eco Retreat in the Cedar Forrest of Sarakiniko Beach and facilitating Retreats In Nature!
Come and Own a sense of confidence and will power, so you can stand in your own centre, no matter what life throws at you!
Vivian Karavanou.
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